Warriors, When Consultants Just Won't Do
Most businesses with problems serious enough to get them into vicious, inescapable cycles will benefit from our Special Ops tactical response approach. Still, many are not yet ready to embrace a radical approach to transforming their business. We often hear these business leaders saying:
We know we’re in trouble, but we just don’t have the buy-in necessary to do something so radical.
We just bought some new training (or hired some new staff, or had a big meeting, or made it through the busy season) and want to see how things work out.
We can fix this ourselves, if we just focus and try harder.
We’re so far under water at this point, there’s nothing a bunch of people who don’t know our business could do to help.
We’re already doing everything that can be done. Our problems continue because of forces outside our control.
Though we feel their pain and admire their tenacity, our Special Ops approach cannot be of much assistance to organizations that are not yet ready to go “all in.”
What does “all in” mean? Quite simply, you and your organization must be ready to move forward without equivocation to ensure the success of a tactical response mission.
For this reason, our Special Ops approach is offered exclusively to executives and business leaders who have pursued other types of remediation and discovered that they must do something differently NOW. They recognize that they cannot afford to continue investing time, energy, and resources and not get the results they desperately need.
On a practical basis, these leaders:
Are responsible for results but stuck on what they need to do to achieve them
Are committed to doing whatever it takes to regain control over their business
Have a compelling reason, and firm commitment, to move forward with urgency
Are convinced they need expert support to accomplish their urgent goals
Have the guts, grit, and discipline needed to radically transform their situation
Have the authority to make mission-critical decisions and allocate necessary resources, and they are willing to do so
The time is now. The leader is you. If not now, when?

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